Vill du ha en coach?

  • Har du svårt att strukturera din tid eller prioritera bland dina arbetsuppgifter?
  • Vill du kunna läsa snabbare, förstå bättre och minnas mer?
  • Händer det att du påbörjar storslagna projekt och inte ror dem i land för att motivationen haltar?
  • Vill du utvecklas som människa och komma vidare i livet?
  • Vill du ha ärlig och äkta respons?
  • Vågar du ta emot konstruktiv kritik och ställas inför genomträngande frågor?
  • Är du redo att förändras?

Svarade du ja på minst fem av frågorna? Då vill jag arbeta med dig!

Vill du arbeta med dig?

Erica Appelros

I väntan på att min svenska sida ska fyllas på med mer material kan du läsa mer om olika coachingmöjligheter på min engelska websida.


Jag bjuder på ett kostnadsfritt samtal där vi under en halvtimme kan vrida och vända på dina frågor och ditt liv.

Röster från människor jag har coachat

"Erica immediately made me feel eager to learn and improve. Not only is she an impeccable Professor, but she is also such a knowledgeable person as a whole. Her unconditional want to help others move forward ultimately made me feel cared for.

She made it evident that she truly wanted me to make progress. Her passion and desire for this subject have motivated me not only during the time in this course but also in my personal life goals. This superlearner course has taught me that patience and hard work are essential in learning and succeeding in life. Thank you for this incredible opportunity. And thank you to Erica for the opportunity to learn, grow, and always strive for the most. I am extremely grateful and humbled by this experience. Thank you again, It is immensely appreciated."
Gil Ben-Ezra, Israel
Superlearner student
"Excellent coach! Erica really helped me to understand the material and gave me lots of useful tips and pointers along the way. Structure is something that I really struggled with when trying to learn the material myself, but Erica was able to lay the information out in an easy way to follow and understand."
Calum McLean, Scotland
Superlearner student
"Erica is a great coach. I highly recommend her. I worked eight weeks with her and had a coaching session once a week. My first attempt to the superlearner course failed. I had trouble to understood the full idea of the content and how the exercises were related to the ability of speedreading. Erica helped me to understand all the missing parts I had not understood of the Superhuman methology. Erica explained the aspects clearly understandable and she was patient with all the questions I had. The daily tasks she prepared for me helped me very much to follow the learning process in managable steps. Reporting my daily work to her motivated me to do them even on days, I was tired. Without her, I would not have worked as much and would definately have not made such a progress. After finishing the coaching pragram I am able to practise on my own and experience step by step how I am getting better. Erica planned the program according to my personal interests, my personality and the time I had available for the exercises. This individual approach made everything easier for me to learn and to enjoy the learning process. Erica provided me with further material according to my specific interests. These helped me to get an even deeper understanding of the content tought. I experinced Erica as a warmhearted person and I was always looking forward to meet here for our online-coaching sessions. She is easy to talk to, honest and clear on her feedback and always helping. I got the impression, that she has a deep understanding of the subject she is talking about. If you consider to work with Erica and book the Superlearner Course, I can assure you, that it`s worth it! I am very happy that I worked through this program with Erica on my side. Only with her guidance I am now able to manage the further learning process on my own and to reach one day my goal to become a successfull speadreader."
Eva Fassbinder, Tyskland
Superlearner student
"1. I did 8 weeks of coaching for 30 mins every week with Dr. Erica Appelros. Prior to getting a coach, I struggled with grasping some concepts from the course. 2. Erica is exceptional! Based on her guidance, I have transformed my studying process. She taught me the benefit of meditation, exercise, and proper progressive overload technique for speed reading. As a result, I practice daily meditation, and exercise 3-5 times a week, and apply memory techniques and speed reading techniques taught in the course. 3. Regarding my struggles with understanding the course concepts, Erica was my savior. I had a lot of opportunities to ask frank questions and she always responded (usually within 12 hours) with explanations. 4. Erica taught me the importance of Curiosity (apart from Creativity, which is covered in detail by Jonathan in the SuperLearner course). This helped me later while speed reading (while applying SQ3R). 5. Spaced Repetition is so important! I never spent much time on recall and review. Working with a coach highlighted that flaw in my study process. In addition, I learned how to do spaced repetition properly with Collin’s system. So I ended up working with two coaches (i.e. Erica and Collin 😃)"
Photo of Sanket Unde
Sanket Unde, Indien (USA)
Superlearner Masterclass student

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